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My first step to a career in fitness started as a YMCA fitness volunteer.  It was such an enjoyable and satisfying experience for me that I became an ACE certified personal trainer in 2001.  Working in a large chain gym was a valuable experience for me but I wanted to specialize in fitness and wellness programs that were distinctly mine.  Also, my preference is to share my experience and knowledge with the segment of the population that I know best; females from teens to senior citizens.

When I was in my mid-thirties I gained a few pounds, my flexibility was becoming limited, life became more stressful, and I developed a few aches and pains.  I started to exercise and enjoyed the physical and mental benefits of increased physical activity.  I loved it!  Exercise makes me feel young and vibrant by increasing my energy level and enables me to maintain the strong flexible toned body that I have at age fify-three.  I am a strong believer in cross training and I inspire my clients to embrace all the different modalities that exercise has to offer.  Funtional training, cardio drills, calisthenics, weight training, Pilates and yoga are involved in workout sessions.  Exercise programs are designed specifically for a client's individual needs and desires.  Clients can choose to workout in various gyms in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Park workouts are an option on a good day and fun also.  Mobile concierge style sessions can be done in the privacy of the client's home or apartment gym eliminating issues of commuting and locker rooms.

 In order to keep the body funtioning optimally it is of course necessary to eat well.  A visit to the client's kitchen to look at food choices and discuss food labels can be an invaluable experience in learning how food affects health, weight and mood.

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